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Pheidole noda 400 - 500 workers

Pheidole noda 400 - 500 workers
Sold out

Scientific name: pheidole noda
Distribution: china
Difficulty: 3/5
Queen size: 7-8mm
Worker size: 3mm
Soldier size: 5-7mm
Hybernation: none
Growth rate: 5/5
Temperature: 20-26 degrees
Optimal temperature: 23-25 degrees
Recommended nest type: ytong
Diet: insects,jelly,sugarwater,honeydew etc..

Pheidole noda is a species in the subfamily Myrmicinae. They are small ants that are very aggressive towards their prey. They grow very fast and need a lot of food. These ants are good at escaping, so a good fluorescent barrier and a good setup of our webshop is definitely recommended.