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Camponotus fedtschenkoi 1 to 5

Camponotus fedtschenkoi 1 to 5
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Scientific name: Camponotus fedtschenkoi
Distribution: Asia
Difficulty: 3/5
Queen size: 15-18mm
Size workers: 4-9mm
Soldiers size: 10-18mm
Hibernation: none
Growth rate: 2/5
Temperature: 22-29 degrees
Optimal temperature: 25-27 degrees
Recommended nest type: ytong, plaster
Diet: insects, sugar water, honeydew, etc.

Camponotus Fedtschenkoi is a species in the formicinae subfamily. They are large bright yellow ants, they grow slowly but that is certainly compensated by their beautiful appearance and behavior. This species is suitable for holders with experience.