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Home » Temnothorax sp queen with brood

Temnothorax sp queen with brood


Scientific name: temnothorax
Distribution: Europe
Difficulty: 2/5
Queen size: 3-4mm
Size workers: 2-3mm
Soldiers size: none
Hibernation: November-March at 5-10 degrees
Growth rate: 3/5
Temperature: 17-25 degrees
Optimal temperature: 21-24 degrees
Recommended nest type: ytong nest (max 2cm of rooms)
Diet: insects, jelly, sugar water, honeydew, etc.

Temnothorax is a genus from the subfamily Myrmicinae. They are small active ants that require very little space because a colony can only grow to about 300 workers. In nature they live in hollowed-out acorns (very small). They are easy to keep and suitable for any ant keeper.