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Messor barbarus queen with brood

Messor barbarus queen with brood
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Scientific name: Messor barbarus
Distribution: Mediterranean sea area, mainly Southern Europe
Difficulty: 1.5/5
Queen size: 14-16mm
Worker size: 3-8mm
Soldier size: 8-15mm
Hybernation: early november-february in 15 degrees
Growth rate: 2/5
Temperature: 21-29 degrees
Optimal temperature: 25-27 degrees
Recommended nest type: ytong/acryl/3d
Diet: mostly seeds,insects,sugary liquids 

 Messor barbarus is a species in the subfamily Myrmicinae. They are also called the harvest ant, because they are known to take various types of seeds and grind them into a paste which they then feed to the larvae and the queen. They are moderately easy going and are undemanding to their conditions making them an ideal strain for patient beginners. It is important that this species is in a place where there are little or no vibrations, this species is very sensitive to this and therefore gets stress.