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Home » Lasius flavus queen
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Lasius flavus queen

Lasius flavus queen
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Scientific name: Lasius flavus
Distribution: Europe
Difficulty: 1/5
Queen size: 7-9 mm
Worker size: 3-5mm
Soldier size: geen
Hybernation: december-march in 5-10 degrees
Growth rate: 2/5
Temperature: 17-28 degrees
Optimal temperature: 23-26 degrees
Recommended nest: type: ytong,gypsum
Diet: insects,sugarwater and honey

Lasius flavus is a species in the Formicinae subfamily. It is a species that you will encounter much less quickly than Lasius niger in nature, but they are almost as common. These ants mainly live under the ground and in meadows, so you will encounter them less quickly. They are bright yellow / orange which makes them very beautiful, however this species is less active than most other species. We also recommend feeding a small colony into the tube.