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Home » Camponotus ligniperda 1 to 5 workers

Camponotus ligniperda 1 to 5 workers


Scientific name: Camponotus ligniperda
Distribution: Europe
Difficulty: 3/5
Queen size: 16-20mm
Worker size:4-9mm
Soldier size: 10-18mm
Hybernation: december-march in 10-15 degrees
Growth rate: 1/5
Temperature: 22-29 degrees
Optimal temperature: 25-27 degrees
Recommended nest type: ytong,gypsum,wood
Diet: insects,sugarwater,honeydew etc..

Camponotus ligniperda is a species in the formicinae subfamily. In the wild they live in dead wood, so they prefer a dry formicarium. It is a very beautiful and large variety with a red tint. They grow fairly slowly, but are otherwise very nice and easy to keep. An ideal species for an ant keeper with patience.