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Home » Messor bouvieri 35 to 50 workers

Messor bouvieri 35 to 50 workers


Scientific name: Messor bouvieri
Distribution: South-West Europe
Difficulty: 2/5
Queen size: 13-15mm
Worker size: 3-16mm
Hibernation: november-february +-10 degrees
Temperature: 20-25 degrees
Optimal temperature: 22-27 degrees
Recommended nest type: ytong,acryllic
Diet: seeds, insects,jelly,sugarwater,ant sirup etc..


Messor bouvieri is a species in the Myrmicinae subfamily. They are extremely well known for taking various types of seeds and grinding them into a paste, which they then feed to the larvae and the queen. They are fairly easy to keep and suitable for a holder with minimal experience who knows what he is doing.