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Home » Crematogaster biroi 5 to 30 workers
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Crematogaster biroi 5 to 30 workers

Crematogaster biroi 5 to 30 workers
Sold out

Scientific name: Crematogaster biroi
Distribution: Asia
Difficulty: 4/5
Queen size: 3-5mm
Size workers: 1.5-3mm
Soldiers size: none
Hibernation: none
Temperature: 20-29 degrees
Optimal temperature: 23-25 ​​degrees
Recommended nest type: ytong, acrylic
Diet: insects, jelly, sugar water, honeydew, etc.

Crematogaster biroi is a species in the subfamily Myrmicinae. They are very small and cute ants. This species grows very quickly and forms huge colonies of up to tens of thousands of workers. They are very good at escaping and climbing which makes them a difficult but very easy strain. A good formicarium from our webshop is recommended.
This is a species for an ant keeper with some experience.