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Home » Camponotus samius 1 to 10 workers

Camponotus samius 1 to 10 workers


Scientific name: Camponotus samius
Distribution: Greece, Asia Minor
Difficulty: 3/5
Queen size: 16-20mm
Size workers: 5-8mm
Soldiers size: 9-13mm
Hibernation: small diapause December-February at 18-22 degrees
Growth rate: 2/5
Temperature: 24-29 degrees
Optimal temperature: 27-28 degrees
Recommended nest type: ytong / plaster / acrylic
Diet: insects, jelly, sugar water, honeydew, etc.

Camponotus samius is a species in the Formicinae subfamily. This is a large and colorful strain that loves warm temperatures. They are fairly sensitive to stress and have high demands, especially on their temperature, making it a less good strain for beginners.