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FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions.

That depends on the variety and the time of year, as most varieties are never available on the market all year round. When a new season has arrived, most varieties will be available again that Monday.

Hell yes! You can pick up your order in our showroom, you can also come by to buy products and ant colonies in the showroom.

If you forgot to order something, that is of course no problem! Then place a new order with the order number of the other order noted in the comments field. Choose as shipping option free pick up in Druten so that no extra shipping costs will be charged. After that, the orders will be shipped in one!

We not only sell ants, but also ant related products, like nests, outworlds, and everything needed to take care of your ant colony.

We simply send our ants by post, we do this by packing them well so that they arrive safely at you!

Yes, when it is not freezing, we also send ants in the winter. In winter, it is also best to order a heat pack so that it does not get too cold for the ants during the trip!

A good strain to start is Messor barbarus and Lasius niger, which can also be found in our starter sets!

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