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Terms and conditions


Ants ordered Friday, Saturday, Sunday, on a public holiday or for a public holiday will be shipped the next working day. If you receive a shipping confirmation on one of these days, this does not mean that your package has been shipped but that the shipping label has been printed to prepare your order.

If you choose a letterbox envelope as a shipping option for live insects, fragile products or for an ant colony, while we do not recommend this, this is entirely at your own risk. We are therefore not responsible for this!

Winter shipping / winter warranty

During the colder times we naturally want to be able to offer the best shipping for the ants. That is why we have the option to choose a heat pack during these months. If you choose this option, we still give a live arrival guarantee. During those months the live arrival guarantee expires if you do not order a heat pack.

Live arrival guarantee

We will reimburse colonies that have arrived dead, but not the shipping costs. This doesn't happen often, but unfortunately it can sometimes happen. If a colony has died but arrived alive, we will not reimburse this. We also do not reimburse a colony if the package could not be delivered on the indicated arrival day because you were not at home, and therefore it is a day longer on the road. For example, if a number of workers have arrived dead and the queen is still alive, we cannot compensate this either.