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What ant species would you like to see in our assortment?

Ant colonies/ants

Are you looking for an Ant colony? Then you have come to the right place. Here at Quality ants we sell a lot of ant colonies, like: Messor barbarus, Messor structor, Camponotus nicobarensis and much much more ant species. Beside Ants we also sell a lot of other products, like food, housing, accessoires!


Every colony contains at least 1 queen plus the number of workers as stated.

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Buying ants as pets

Have you ever thought about keeping ants as pets? Yes off course, a dog or a cat, a rabbit or goldfish; those are the pets everyone keeps. Most of us don't think about keeping a pet ant colony in our home. But you can really learn a lot from ants, and starting in the ant keeping hobby is really easy. Do you want a unique experience, learn, and the freedom to keep a ant colony in any way you want? Ants live a life of their own, always working on their daily jobs. At Quality ants you can buy ants, ants nest and outworlds, that are fully enclosed. In witch the ants live their lives, and need little care. That way you have enough time to just enjoy your ants!

Building your own Ant World

You can choose many different species (genus). For example, in our webshop we have genus like Messor barbarus, Messor structor, Camponotus nicobarensis and many many more. You can start with our starterkit, to build a nest and outlworld for your ant colony.

To put it differently: Watch how your ants live their lives, and help them by giving them the space needed to do it in the best possible way.

Buy ants

In the starterkit you find a nest, food, an outworld, and offcourse your colony. And when the ants are growing, you can expand everything accordingly. By buying a bigger nest, a second nest, a bigger outworld, and so on. Nests are available in many sizes, and also materials. Like ytong (aerated concrete), acrylic or gypsum and more...

Taking good care of your ant colony

The ants are quite capable of taking care off themselves. All you need to do is provide a little help. Like 1 or 2 times week adding some nutrients in the form of a drop of honeydew or sugar water, a small insect or maybe some seeds (depending on the genus). Remove any access left overs from the last time you fed them. And if you notice more and more food is being left over, you need to give the ants less. You really need to think small portions when the colony is starting, so no big portions are needed. When the time comes to move the ants, you can use a coupler. Moving the colony can take some time. You can speed up the moving process by placing the old nest in the light, and by making sure the new nest is nice and dark. The ant will want to go to the darkness of the new nest as soon as possible. The really like the dark more.

Quality ants

Want to know more about taking care of an ant colony? Do you have any questions you want to ask us?Here at Quality ants you can buy ants, and start raising your own colony. Also you can expand your current colonies of improve on them. Read the blogs to learn more about buying ants and taking care of them. Before you know it, you are a ant expert, and you colony flourishes in health and numbers. Please contact us if you want to know more!